Kate Ryan releases “Runaway (Smalltown Boy)”

Cover art of "Runaway (Smalltown Boy)" by Kate Ryan

Cover art of “Runaway (Smalltown Boy)” by Kate Ryan. Photo source: Kate Ryan’s official Facebook / Moskito.

Belgian singer Kate Ryan released her new single “Runaway (Smalltown Boy)”. It’s an deep house cover of the Bronski Beat’s “Smalltown Boy”. The music video of “Runaway (Smalltown Boy)” starts with Kate Ryan riding on a horse and eventually she is part of a campfire party where she roasts marshmallows. The music video which is already watched more than 15,000 times is directed by Pascal Baillien and Wim Rombouts.

Kate Ryan is an Belgian singer from Tessenderlo. She released numerous singles and several albums of the years. She most known for her hits “Désenchantée”, “Voyage Voyage”, “Je t’adore”, “Libertine”, and “Ella, Elle L’a” She is a singer who only can score a hit single with a cover song. From the five albums she released “Different” and “Free” were the most successful.

“Runaway (Smalltown Boy)” currently is exclusively available on the Belgian compilation album “MMM Summertime 2015″ on iTunes.

Kate Ryan – Runaway (Smalltown Boy) [music video]

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Kate Ryan - Runaway (Smalltown Boy)
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