Emmelie de Forest releases “Drunk Tonight”

Cover art of "Drunk Tonight" Emmelie de Forest's latest single

Cover art of “Drunk Tonight” Emmelie de Forest’s latest single. Source: Universal Music (Denmark) A/S.

Denmark’s Eurovision Song Contest winner Emmelie de Forest releases a new single “Drunk Tonight”. With this song she shakes off her good behaviour and goes a new way. In the music video she even appears naked which is something you wouldn’t expect from her previous releases.

Emmelie de Forest is Danish singer-songwriter who made her big breakthrough by winning the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. In the week of the Eurovision Song Contest she released her debut album “Only Teardrops” which did great in Denmark and Sweden. In the rest of Europe her album didn’t do that much unlike her winning song “Only Teardrops”. That song stormed the charts all over Europe with high peak positions in several countries like Denmark, Austria, Sweden, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

In 2014 she did the theme song (“Rainmaker”) the Eurovision Song Contest which became a modest success in Europe. Her other single “Hunter & Prey” did completely flopped. It even failed to chart in her home country Denmark.

Emmelie de Forest – Drunk Tonight

Emmelie de Forest - Drunk Tonight


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