Interview: Yelpy releases the music video of “Feel It”

Cover art of "Feel It" by Yelpy

Cover art of “Feel It” by Yelpy. Photo source: Yelpy’s official Facebook.

Today the Irish singer-songwriter Yelpy released the music video of his debut single “Feel It” and Eurofied had the privilege to ask Yelpy some questions about the song. The music video comes nearly a year after the release of the single which charted in the music chart of LLUVIAFM.

Can you tell our readers something about idea of the song?

“Feel It” is essentially a love song on the surface. Dig a little deeper though and it’s more a song about falling for the wrong person BUT trying hard to convince yourself they are the right one for you. It’s about wanting to fall in love so bad that you’re willing to convince yourself the wrong person is right for you when honestly you know deep down that this is not true. The first verse deals with not wanting to let the person go and trying to convince them that they should stay with you because it feels right. Whereas the second verse deals with the realization that this person is wrong for you and you should let them go. Feel It is a song about the ongoing internal struggle to know oneself.

Can you tell our readers something about idea of the music video?

Directed by Danish director Kasper Vejlø Kristensen “Feel It” the music video attempts to convey struggle & emotion through dance. The idea for the video came about when Yelpy and his manager Ieva Georges watched an animated dance piece they came across on YouTube. The dancing in the video was so beautiful and so emotional that they felt this was exactly the medium best suited to bring to life the words and meaning of the song. After some scouting and seeing actress/dancer Faye Viviana dancing Yelpy and Ieva knew she was exactly what they were looking for.

Did Yelpy write the full song alone or was is a collaboration?

“Feel It” was written by Yelpy and his producer Jonathan Smith. Jonathan Smith is a Los Angeles / Nashville multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, and mixer. 

Will the song be part of an upcoming album or extended play?

Feel It is the first single taken from Yelpy’s debut 3 track EP which is set to release in the early part of 2016. The EP will also include the as yet unreleased songs Shine (music video video currently in post-production) and Stranger.

“Feel It” is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Yelpy – Feel It [Music Video]

If you would like to know more about Jonathan Smith visit his website: Eurofied would like to thank Yelpy and his manager Ieva Georges for making this article happen!

Yelpy - Feel It
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