Inna releases “Bop Bop (Remixes)”

Cover art of "Bop Bop (feat. Eric Turner)" by Inna

Cover art of “Bop Bop (Remixes)” by Inna. Photo source: Inna’s official Facebook / Universal Music / Roton / Empire Music / Warner.

Romanian dance superstar Inna released her new remix album “Bop Bop (Remixes)”. “Bop Bop” is a collaboration with the American singer-songwriter Eric Turner. The original version of the single was released mid-July. The remix album contains six remixes and the original version of “Bop Bop”.

The track list of “Bop Bop (Remixes)“:

  1. Bop Bop
  2. Bop Bop (Deepierro Remix)
  3. Bop Bop (Embody Remix)
  4. Bop Bop (Global B Remix)
  5. Bop Bop (House of Titans Remix)
  6. Bop Bop (Jordan Viper Remix)
  7. Bop Bop (Shandree Remix)

Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu or better known under her stage name Inna is a Romanian singer-songwriter. Her debut single “Hot” was a big hit all over Europe, including top 5 positions in Spain, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, France and others. Other hit singles of Inna are “Amazing”, “Sun Is Up”, “We Wanna (with Alexandra Stan feat. Daddy Yankee)”, “In Your Eyes (feat. Yandel)”, “Diggy Down (feat. Marian Hill)”, “Cola Song (feat. J. Balvin)” and “INNdiA”. Inna released three studio albums: “Hot”, “I Am A Club Rocker” and “The Party Never Ends”.

“Bop Bop (Remixes)” is available Deezer, iTunes and Spotify.

Inna – Bop Bop (feat. Eric Turner) [Music Video]

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Inna - Bop Bop (Remixes)
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