The Underdog Project releases “Summer Jam (SPYZR Remix)”

German music duo SPYZR release The Underdog Project's Summer Jam (SPYZR Remix)

SPYZR. Photo source: SPYZR’s official Facebook.

German-Belgian dance group The Underdog Project released a new remix of their international hit “Summer Jam”. “Summer Jam (SPYZR Remix)” is a remix by the German duo SPYZR of the original which was released back in 2000. With this 2003 edition of “Summer Jam” The Underdog Project reached top five positions in the Belgian, Danish, Dutch, French and Romanian singles charts.

The Underdog Project is a German-Beglian dance group consisting of Vic Krishna, Craig Smart, AJ Duncan and DJ F.R.A.N.K.. In 2000 they released the original version of “Summer Jam” which became a hit in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. In the same year they released their debut album “It Doesn’t Matter”. In 2003 they released a new version of this song named “Summer Jam 2003” which became their biggest hit. Other notable single releases are “Tonight”, “I Can’t Handle It”, “Saturday Night”, “Winter Jam”, “Remember” and “Girls of Summer”.

Summer Jam (SPYZR Remix)” is available on Deezer, iTunes and Spotify.

The Underdog Project – Summer Jam (SPYZR Remix)

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The Underdog Project - Summer Jam (SPYZR Remix)
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