Emmelie de Forest releases “Hopscotch”

Cover art of "Hopscotch" by Emmelie de Forest

Cover art of “Hopscotch” by Emmelie de Forest. Photo source: Emmelie de Forest’s official Twitter / Universal Music (Denmark) A/S.

Danish musician Emmelie de Forest released her new single “Hopscotch”. Last Monday the song was released by Universal Music Denmark and the song is currently in the top 200 of best-selling songs on the Danish iTunes. The music video of the song was recorded mid-July in Rome and will be available soon.

Emmelie de Forest is Danish singer-songwriter who made her big breakthrough by winning the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. In the week of the Eurovision Song Contest she released her debut album “Only Teardrops” which did great in Denmark and Sweden. In the rest of Europe her album didn’t do that much unlike her winning song “Only Teardrops”. That song stormed the charts all over Europe with high chart positions in several countries like Denmark, Austria, Sweden, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

In 2014 she did the theme song (“Rainmaker”)of the Eurovision Song Contest which became a modest success in Europe. Her other single “Hunter & Prey” did completely flopped. It even failed to chart in her home country Denmark. In 2014 she released a single named “Drunk Tonight” and and a live extended play named “Acoustic Session”.

“Hopscotch” is available on Deezer, iTunes and Spotify.

Emmelie de Forest – Hopscotch [Spotify embed, with cover art]

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Emmelie de Forest - Hopscotch
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