Interview: Nicki French talks about her new single “This Love”

Cover art of "This Love" by Nicki French

Cover art of “This Love” by Nicki French. Photo source: Modal Production Group / MPG Ltd..

British singer Nicki French released her new single “This Love” and Eurofied had the privilege to ask Nicki French some questions about this song which is released by the Modal Production Group.

Could you tell something about idea/background of the song?

The song is actually a ‘nod’ to the record company I was part of back in the 1990s, called ‘Love This Records’, so the title actually came from that! The song is about TRUE love – how it will last when it is real, and how nothing and no-one can diminish it.

Who did write and produce the song?

It was written and produced by the legendary genius that is Mike Stock. It’s a joy to be working with him again.

Could you tell something about idea/background of the music video?

Ah – the video has had SUCH a great reaction! Again, it was all Mike’s idea. Again, it is to show that true love comes from all areas of life, and it doesn’t matter whether you are white, black, straight, gay… real, honest love is something to cherish. He decided to show two ‘stories’ – one, a gay couple who have obviously been together throughout their lives, so the film starts with one of them just passing away, leaving the other on his own, reminiscing about their life together – and you see the two guys in their youth, building their relationship. Then there is another part, showing a loving young couple – a male & female – who are enjoying that feeling of being ‘in love’.

Nicki French Interview

Nicki French. Photo source: Modal Production Group / MPG Ltd..

“This Love” is part of your new same-titled extended play. Will the song be part of an upcoming album and do you plan to release more new original material like this? (If so, what can you tell me about it?)

No plans have been cemented just yet, but I do hope we WILL get to record another album together. I love working down at Mike’s studio – all the people there are great, and both he and I are discovering that there is still a large fanbase for this kind of music.

“This Love” is currently exclusively available on MPG’s Official Store. Will the extended play be released on other platforms soon?

The song is scheduled for release on iTunes and ALL the usual digital download ‘platforms’ on 21 August.

In your career you have experienced many highlights. What would you describe as you biggest musical highlight?

Oh, there have been so many. One of the hugest, most amazing experiences, was when I got the chance to represent my country at the Eurovision Song Contest, and THAT, being hugely patriotic, was a moment I will cherish forever. The whole process, from submitting the song, going through each shortlist, appearing on BBC TV’s Song for Europe, then going to Stockholm, with a week of such full-on activity, then the actual Final itself – I just had a BALL! I have been lucky – I made a lot of friends through Eurovision, and it’s something I am immensely proud to be associated with.

Of course, the first week that ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ went storming into the charts in January 1995 was amazing, then performing on Top of the Pops that same week; going to number TWO in the USA’s Billboard Hot 100 chart – the highest chart placing by a UK artist for many years; going to Brazil for the first time, and discovering that Nicki French’s songs were HUGE over there – when I did my first show, and the audience knew the words to ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ and all the original songs, was a VERY special feeling!

On the theatre front, being trusted to recreate the ‘essence’ of Ethel Merman in a one-woman show a couple of years ago was an immense honour. Many other big names were in the frame for the part, but the writer chose ME – and was extremely happy with my performance, which was a relief! I love doing theatre, and every role I play is a joy.

“This Love” is currently exclusively available on MPG. Other digital platforms will follow August 21st, 2015.

Nicki French – This Love [Music Video]

What do you think about Nicki French’ new single?

Eurofied would like to thank Nicki French for making this article happen!

Nicki French - This Love
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