Zapaska releases “Vikna Vidchynyty”

Cover art of "Vikna Vidchynyty" by Zapaska

Cover art of “Vikna Vidchynyty” by Zapaska. Photo source: Zapaska / Zapaska’s official Bandcamp.

Ukrainian shy-pop duo Zapaska released their new track “Vikna Vidchynyty” and it’s the follow-up song to “Гарно”. The song is created with the help of traditional instruments and electronics. “Vikna Vidchynyty” is influenced by rock, hip-hop and folktronica.

Zapaska is an electro-acoustic indie-pop duo, based in Ukraine that consists of Yana Shpachynska and Pavlo Nechytajlo.

Since 2009 Zapaska has recorded two extended plays (“Lanka” and “Translitom”) and they released one studio album named “Kontur” through the Slovak label Slnko. Over the years the duo toured in Ukraine and abroad. Some examples are a joint tour with Slovak duo Longital and a tour with the Czech band Kuzmich Orcestra. They participated in many festivals like Pohoda Indoor Camping 2011 (Slovakia), Pohoda 2012, 2014 (SK), Europejski Stadion Kultury (Poland), Tramtamtydamtuda (Czech Republic), Festiválek bez bojů a válek (Czech Republic), Povalec 2011 (Czech Republic), Spievajúci básnici (Slovakia), Art Pole (Ukraine), United Islands of Praha 2012 and Noc kultury w Lubline (Poland).

“Vikna Vidchynyty” by Zapaska is available on their official Bandcamp page.

Zapaska – Vikna Vidchynyty [Audio, with cover art]

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Zapaska - Vikna Vidchynyty
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