Okean Elzy releases “Не твоя війна” as their new single

Cover art / Promotion picture for the music video of "Не твоя війна" by Okean Elzy / Океан Ельзи - Ne Tvoya Viyna

Promotion picture for the music video of “Не твоя війна” by Okean Elzy. Photo source: Okean Elzy’s official Facebook / Gogol BV.

Ukrainian rock-pop band Okean Elzy released their new single “Не твоя війна“. It’s a huge success as it is already the number one in the Ukrainian iTunes for over a week, and the YouTube video is already watched more than 1.25 million times within one and a half week.

Even though the first part of “Не твоя війна” was written in October 2014, the song was not finished until January 2015. Immediately after the song was finished Okean Elzy decided to create a music video for the song. The impressive video of “Не твоя війна” was filmed at the end of March with the help of 400 people.

Okean Elzy is one the most famous and most decorated Ukrainian rock bands. The band consists of Denis Glinin (drums), Denis Dudko (bass guitar), Miloš Jelić (keyboards), Vladimir Opsenica (guitar), Slava Vakarchuk (vocals). Music critics and listeners have recognized them many times as the best rock-and live-band of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Okean Elzy released eight studio albums, two compilation albums, one acoustic album and numerous singles. Some notable singles releases by Okean Elzy are “Вище неба”, “Обійми”, “На Небі”, “Стріляй”, “Я так хочу…”, “Друг”, “Холодно” and “911”.

Не твоя війна” is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Okean Elzy – Не твоя війна

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Okean Elzy - Не твоя війна
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